From The Horse’s Mouth Magazine February 2015 Edition

Dean 1Well, here is the February edition of my magazine: Dean Charlton’s Mag. I hope you enjoyed the first edition and you found it okay to read.

I’m aiming to create a free world magazine that anyone can contribute to, with the special areas of interest being spirituality, healing, music, creative writing and …..

If you would like to contribute to a future edition – maybe poems or short stories etc., please email me at:  Dean


How do you make a living Gayle? I’m a Mobile Freelance Hairdresser.

What does your job entail? It entails driving to people’s houses so that they can have their hair done in the comfort of their own home. I carry out all aspects of hairdressing.

Do you do men and women? Yes.

How did you end up hairdressing? At first I worked for an insurance company but I got fed up with that so I went to the Careers Office and found out what training was available to me as I was quite young – I had a creative flair so I chose hairdressing.

What are the advantages of your job? I have no salon overheads being mobile, but I do have to run a car. This job also gives you a sense of freedom and you do meet some interesting people.

What do you think you will be doing in five years’ time? Hopefully I will have built up the business.

How can people around the Halifax/Bradford area, England contact you? On 07880590018.


My problems with my mental health started when I was fifteen – I remember being on a football pitch feeling terrible and questioning what I was doing kicking a ball around on a pitch, on a planet, in the middle of nowhere.

The second time I felt terrible was when I was doing my ‘A’ levels at Brigshaw Comprehensive School, Castleford, England – I couldn’t see the point of anything and when a doctor gave me anti-depressants, in a half-hearted way I took an overdose and ended up having my stomach pumped.

Because my ‘A’ level results were quite poor I ended up at Portsmouth Polytechnic on a degree course called Literary Studies. I again felt bad but when I saw the doctor, he just said that I was homesick! Anyway when the Christmas holidays were over I wasn’t well enough to return to the course in Portsmouth and consequently I was on the dole for three months, before I got a job at British Telecom as a Clerical Assistant. I wasn’t well during my trial period and if it had not been for one of the managers called Rod Stephenson, I would have been finished.

Once I was feeling better, I decided to resign from my job and to go back into full-time education doing a course called: Modern Languages with Information Systems, at Bristol Polytechnic. Unfortunately, I became depressed once more and my undiagnosed OCD made studying impossible. In all, I missed two whole terms in two years but recovered enough to undertake a placement teaching English in a centre for the unemployed in St. Herblain, Nantes, France.

When I came back to England, in 1987, I fell very ill and ended up having ECT in a mental hospital called Stanley Royds, in Wakefield.

Again I recovered, in a fashion, and put together a collection of wallpaper and fabric designs which, with the help of The Prince’s Trust, I exhibited at the Home Interiors design show in London, 1990. I had put my heart and soul into the collection and when it didn’t bear financial fruit, I had another breakdown and another set of ECT at Pontefract General Infirmary.

Once I had recovered again, in around 1992, I started this magazine for the first time and because I struggled to keep up with my printing costs, I ended up having to apply for an Administration order – again the stress of it all made me feel ill and incapable of doing anything of note.

A couple of years later, I recovered enough to write some songs, which years later were arranged by Darren Harper, and released under the name: From The Horse’s Mouth. But same old story I got ill with my bi-polar and had a manic episode when I was living in a hostel for the homeless, in Leeds. The reason I got manic was that I didn’t have any Lithium and I was not registered with a doctor in Leeds. Anyway, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital called High Royds, and because bi-polar is cyclical, I soon became depressed and had obsessive thoughts.

When I was discharged from High Royds after ten weeks, I was lucky enough to be offered a place in a group home in Harehills, Leeds, which was run by St. Anne’s Community Services – it is there that I met my great friend Brenda Condoll. St. Anne’s provide support and accommodation for people with:  mental health problems, learning difficulties or alcohol abuse – or a combination of these things. Unfortunately I just wasn’t well after I came out of hospital and took another half-hearted overdose and ended up in intensive care for the night.

After a couple of years in Harehills, I was lucky enough to be offered a flat at Simmons Court, Cross Green, Leeds – where I spent seven years struggling with my OCD.

At the moment, I am living in privately rented accommodation, and my main mental health problem is OCD which is completely cognitive. My bi-polar is being successfully controlled by Lithium and it prevents me from becoming depressed or manic. I cope with my OCD by avoiding certain things, but when I feel stronger, I hope to overcome it altogether.


What’s your full name? Menice Elfarhan

Where do you come from? Syria (but I originally come from Turkey).

How long have you been in England? I have been in England for 4 years.

Why did you come to England? For a better life and job.

What do you think about England as a country? I think England is a very friendly and safe environment and it’s very nice.

What do you think of English people in general? I think English people are very friendly and are willing to help out others.

Have they made you welcome? They certainly have! I have felt welcome since the first day I arrived in England.

What languages do you speak? Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic.

Do you find English difficult to learn? Yes, English is an extremely hard language to learn

Why? One of the many reasons why it’s difficult is because there are many meanings to one single word and I get mixed up on which word I should use in certain times.

What do you do in England? I have a family business (sandwich shop) in the Leeds City Market.

Have you any family here? No

What don’t you like about England and what do you miss about your own country? I’m not particularly keen on the weather here. I miss my family and the weather back in Turkey.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Hopefully, our family business will become even more successful!


Scorpio 24 Oct – 22Nov

It is a good time to take up swimming and see members of the opposite sex scantily clad in the middle of winter. Eat more vegetables and you will soon feel better.

Sagittarius 23 Nov 21Dec

A woman in uniform may boss you around but she has your interests at heart. Why not invest in some new underwear this month as you may get lucky.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan

Stop worrying what people think about you as most of them don’t care about you. With the planets as they are, it is a good time to buy a green budgie.

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb

Think more for yourself – don’t fall into the trap of believing people in authority always know better. Red is a good colour to wear if you want to attract a mate.

Pisces 20 Feb – 20 Mar

A woman with bad PMT may need your support but don’t allow her to be abusive to you. Try to be extra positive this month and you will be well rewarded.

Aries 21 Mar – 20 Apr

Make up your mind to go out with someone you think is right for you and not someone others think you should go out with. The key word for you this month is ‘elastic’.

Taurus 21 Apr – 21 May

This month you must choose between more leisure time and working overtime to acquire a new possession. A new trendy wig will make you look ten years younger.

Gemini 22 May – 21 Jun

A friend may ask to borrow some money this month but only agree if you can afford to lose it as they may not be able to pay you back. A green woolly hat may set off your eyes.

Cancer 23 Jun – 23 Jul

A good month to have that dental work done that you have been putting off for a long time. Don’t give your heart cheaply to someone who just wants to use you.

Leo 24 Jul – 23 Aug

Work seems hard at the moment but it will get easier soon. Friends may let you down but remember they are only human after all.

Virgo 24 Aug – 23 Sep

You must decide whether you are in or out of your main relationship as you can’t have your cake and eat it. Remember a bird up a tree is worth three in a bush.

Libra 24 Sep – 23 Oct

The chance to travel presents itself this month so grab it with both hands. A phone call from out of the blue may change your life forever. Think nice things about the Queen.


By Rumbidzai Mapanga

To fully answer this question one needs to explain what Christianity is and what it is not. The most important point to note is that Christianity is not a religion which is about works.  For example keeping the law and doing good deeds are an intrinsic part of religious practice. However, even those who keep the law don’t fully comprehend the magnitude of it. Religion requires one to keep all the law, in other words to be perfect in all areas of life, when you miss one tiny bit then you have failed them all. That is why even the high priest needed to make an atonement of sin before they entered the holy of holies. As humans our best attempt in meeting the law requirements and doing the best we can is still regarded as filthy rags before God.

Unlike religion Christianity is about understanding the love of God towards mankind. “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16″

God loved the world in its fullness irrespective of gender, tribe or skin colour. To demonstrate this love He gave the most precious gift He had, His own son. This was a gift to the world – not to a certain type of people but to whosoever believes in Him. It was a sacrificial love not based on what man could do on his own, but based on God’s unmerited favour. Christ became the atonement for sin; His blood was shed abroad for the sins of the world so that He could draw man to himself who initially could not come into his presence without a sacrifice being made. Now anyone who believes can come boldly to the throne of mercy without fear, guilty, shame or inferiority, knowing that God is willing to forgive their sin and remember them no more.

True Christianity is being like Jesus aiming and striving to be more like Him each and every day. It’s about having a forgiving heart and unselfish love which understands that all human beings are imperfect. I think that is why when Jesus spoke to the woman who was caught in the act of adultery He instructed anyone who had no sin to cast the first stone. He knew that everyone had issues, some which are more apparent to the naked eye than others. For example a skin disease like leprosy is more visible than a heart disease yet both require a doctor.

Christianity is about receiving the love of Christ which was shared abroad and is available for all. It’s about understanding that God hates sin not the people. He laid His life down so that all could have life, and He said that His grace (unmerited favour) was sufficient for all. His desire is that all will come to the full realisation of who He is. He desires mankind to love one another as He has loved them. To truly have God’s kind of love we have to be able to love those who do not love us, for He even loved those who crucified Him. At the cross He asked His father to forgive them for they knew not what they were doing. He understood that the greatest gift one can give is to love unconditionally.

One might say, they desire to love the way Christ did but it’s too hard! Yes it is. As long as we are trying to do it ourselves it won’t work. We end up doing that which we did not want to do. For example we end up shouting instead of expressing how we feel calmly or we pass a comment which at the time we thought was a harmless joke but it offends someone. The intention was not to harm but the results are toxic. The best part about being a Christian is that we won’t have to find a way of loving the way Christ did on our own. Once we have accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour, He empowers us through His helper the Holy Spirit who will help us and direct us on the way to live. Each and every day as we renew our minds through the Word of God we will start to think like him and gradually we start to change in the way we think about ourselves and in the way we see other people.

As we walk with Him we start to realise that because we have been forgiven much we can also extend that same hand of forgiveness to our neighbours. We can start to heal by forgiving ourselves on those mistakes we did but didn’t mean to do in the first place and offer the gift of forgiveness to those who have wronged us whether intentionally or unintentionally.

This generation needs to know what it means to love for us to operate to our full capacity. The best definition of love is that found in the book of 1 Corinthians 13.

We need this unselfish love which is patient and kind, a love which sees beneath what the naked eye can see and tolerates others allowing them to be what they are good at without judging or giving up on them. As much as it is important to keep the law and do what is good and right, I believe there is more freedom in knowing that I am loved regardless of what mistakes and circumstances I have faced in life. This generation judge people according to what class, gender, colour or club they are affiliated with. Look at how nations are killing each other only because they don’t belong to the same tribe. Check how the politicians are making laws based on their own selfish ambitions without considering the effects it has to the next generation. As you turn around the street corner you will see gangs killing each other because they are not part of the same group, brothers killing their own brothers and sister all because of jealousy and lack of love.

I am so glad that Christ came so that I can have a life to the full which will overflow. Because I have opened my life to unconditional love not of myself but of Him who was crucified for my sins.  My life overflows to those whom I come into contact with. I now know that each and every choice I make each and every day to extend an unconditional love towards those around me touches people’s lives for the better.

Most people think that their accomplishments and good deeds are what make them righteous before God, however 1 Corinthians 13:3 says:

I may give away everything I have to help others, and I may even give my body as an offering to be burned. But I gain nothing by doing all this if I don’t have love.

The truth is that it is only the God kind of love that can make a person whole, which can cause you to find favour even with your enemies. Any other type of love is flawed and causes pain and destruction.

Friend if you want a relationship with this God who loves you unconditionally all what you need is to do is ask Jesus to come into your heart, and then believe that He died for your sins and you also will be able to experience this type of love. Once you have done this find a bible-believing church and watch God’s love at work as you sit under his Word.


How long have you had your coffee shop and where is it? We have had it for about four years.  My wife Jan, son Brett and myself run the shop and although it is long hours it is very enjoyable. We are based in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, England.

Have you always run this type of business? We have had sandwich shops and a newsagents.

How would you describe your coffee shop and who do you try and attract? Cupcake is very much a community coffee shop with community workshops on a Thursday afternoon (for people with mental health problems) and charity and clairvoyant evenings several times a year. We cater for all kinds of people and offer a warm and friendly place to sit, eat and chill. In addition, we also fundraise for: Alzheimer’s Society and Cancer Research/Overgate Hospice by selling second-hand books.

Do you offer outside catering? Yes we cater for children’s parties, birthdays and funerals etc.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? Me and my wife will be ready to retire by then and will hopefully be enjoying a massive lottery win!


Dear Editor

I am writing into your magazine to get a few things off my chest!

Firstly, I think the human gene pool would be much healthier if there were more mixed race relationships and less religious restrictions imposed on people.

Secondly, does anyone else think society would be much fairer if private education was abolished and a more level educational playing field created? – shouldn’t we have more of a meritocracy as long as there is a very strong safety net to cater for the more vulnerable in our society?

A Shaw, Manchester

Dear Editor

Congratulations on your first edition of From The Horse’s Mouth! I think the magazine has a lot of potential and it is good that it is free and anyone can write in it. Well done!

P Davis, Leeds


Hi there, I’m Alison. I have the lovely job of being a Community Food Inspirer in Todmorden, England.

I have to inspire people to grow, buy or cook with their local or home grown food. I grew up working on the outdoor market, and I have always loved the amazing quality and choice that markets offer. I learnt to cook at a young age with my amazing mum because I brought all sorts of leftovers home at the end of the market day and we cooked from what we had. If you buy what’s fresh, abundant and cheap you start to connect back to our seasonal food. Take time to investigate what’s available in certain months and plan recipes and meals around them rather than running around trying to find strawberries in December! Find out more here:

Hurray, I’m now back on the Outdoor Market in Todmorden, trying to inspire people to buy the ingredients to my recipes from the surrounding market. Here’s my latest recipe share with you:


Wholesome and comforting for the February chill


600 g Maris Piper potatoes
600 g Swede or sweet potatoes
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
40 g dairy-free margarine
1 onion
2 carrots
3 cloves of garlic
2 sticks of celery
1 tablespoon coriander seeds toasted and crushed or 1 tspn of pre-ground
olive oil
½ a small bunch of thyme
350 g chestnut mushrooms
12 sun-dried tomatoes
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
vegan red wine (optional)
150 ml vegetable stock
1 x 400 g tin of lentils
1 x 400 g tin of chickpeas
5 sprigs of fresh flat-leaf parsley
2 sprigs of fresh rosemary
zest of 1 lemon
30 g fresh breadcrumbs


Peel and chop all the potatoes into rough 2cm chunks. Place the Maris Pipers into a large pan of cold water over a medium heat. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, or until tender, adding the sweet potatoes after 5 minutes. Drain and leave to steam dry, then return to the pan with the margarine and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mash until smooth, and set aside.

Peel and finely slice the onion, carrots, celery and 2 garlic cloves. Fry them in a small amount of oil. Add coriander to the pan and stir well. Pick in the thyme leaves, and then cook for around 5 minutes on a really low light. Add a little water if dry.

While cooking, roughly chop the mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. Add to the pan along with vinegar and 2 tablespoons of the sun-dried tomato oil from the jar. Cook for 10 minutes then add a splash of wine, turn up the heat, and allow it to boil and bubble away.

Stir in the stock, lentils and chickpeas. Simmer low again for 5 to 10 minutes, till slightly thickened and reduced. Roughly chop the parsley leaves and stir into the pan. Season with pepper. Transfer to a large baking dish (roughly 25cm x 30cm).

Spread the mash over the top. Finely grate the remaining garlic clove, then place into a bowl with the rosemary leaves, lemon zest, breadcrumbs and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix well, sprinkle over the mash, then place in the hot oven for around 10 minutes, or until piping hot through. You can also grill for a further 2 to 3 minutes to brown the top further.
Serve with your favourite steamed greens. ENJOY Home cooked food!


A butcher died and at his funeral one of the hymns was “Sheep May Safely Graze”.

One Christmas a man gave his Mother-in-Law a plot in a cemetery as a present. The next year he didn’t give her anything. “Why haven’t you given me anything?” she asked. He replied “You haven’t used what I gave you last year”.

A tour guide in Switzerland was ‘waxing lyrical’ about the scenery. At a high point in the mountains he said “Be careful, there is a 1000 foot drop. But if you do fall, on the way down look to the left, the view is wonderful!

A couple back from a holiday in Switzerland were asked how they had enjoyed the scenery. “Couldn’t see a thing” they said “with all the mountains in the way”.



Illona I know you from your health food shop Pennine Provisions (, but where do you originally come from? Well I live in Hebden Bridge now but I used to live in Oman in the Middle East – I lived there for twenty years, but really, I’m from Mumbai, in India. I left Mumbai over twenty years ago but I do visit there. When I was twenty I went to live in Oman and met and married my husband Pete – we recently celebrated our twenty-first wedding anniversary.

How come that you’re now living in Hebden Bridge? We came to live in the UK about three years ago with our children: I have a fourteen and sixteen year old – my fourteen year old son has autism and the provision for autism in Oman is very poor and so, for his sake, we decided to come to the UK for his schooling. I home-schooled him for a while and then he went to school in Oman where the facilities for autism were very poor. So, our son is the main reason we came to live here.

Do you think you will spend the rest of your life in England? We intend to live here for a while until our son and daughter are settled. We intend living in the sun and to go retire in India.

Do you think England is a racist country? To be honest, I’ve not encountered racism in the UK. I like living in the UK and from a young age I’ve had a fascination with the UK – when I was twelve, I knew I would marry an Englishman with blue eyes – and I did!

Is English your first language? Yes. I’ve grown up speaking English – my Hindi is quite poor!

Do you have family in England? Pete’s family live here and our kids are here, but my family are in India.

How did you come to have your shop in Hebden Bridge? I love the shop – when we came here three years ago we couldn’t get jobs as it was in the middle of a recession so when we saw the shop we had to get it!

What have you done in the past? I’ve done nutrition, reflexology and massage, been a dental assistant, sold perfume, and been a window dresser and even a DJ!

What do you like/dislike about living in Hebden Bridge? I love living here; this town is a lovely size with four thousand living in the town and a few thousand living in the surrounding areas. People are really nice especially in the North of England and Scotland – as a kid, in what was then Bombay, I loved watching a T.V. programme in the seventies called: Mind Your Language – it was so funny and gave me an idea of living in a multicultural society. The weather is the obvious down-side.

What do you think about the class system in the UK?  I’ve not really encountered it but I know it’s there. It’s not so prevalent now and the lines between the working class and middle class have become blurred – not really encountered the upper classes.

Two songs from my Horse’s Mouth Album: One Foot in Front of the Other:


Lyrics by Dean Charlton

Think of us as kites – all alone but never free.
Think of us as kites – each one made to live and die.
Think of us as kites – all with goals but blown off course.
Think of us as kites – each one made to fly awhile.
Can’t you see, don’t you realise, we all need the same things:
The sun, the wind, and the sky.
Can’t you see, don’t you realise, however  high we fly,
We are really quite the same.
Think of us as kites – each needing our piece of sky.
Think of us as kites – all with our identity.
Think of us as kites – each with fears to overcome.
Think of us as kites – all home but quite at sea.
Can’t you see, don’t you realise, we all need the same things:
The sun, the wind, and the sky.
Can’t you see, don’t you realise, however  high we fly,
We are really quite the same.


Lyrics by Dean Charlton

I’ve seen the old man they call the General
He’s always alone – no-one wants to know him
Thinks he’s in command of his own army
Shouts out his orders – no-one ever listens.
But he never causes trouble or harms anybody at all
No he never causes heartache – he’s just a harmless old man.
I’ve seen the fat cats who call all the tunes
They always make sure they get all of the cream
Think they’re above us and born to control
Live by their own laws however we all vote.
While he never causes trouble or harms anybody at all
No he never causes heartache – he’s just a harmless old man.
I’ve seen the old man they call the General
I don’t know if he ever was a soldier
But he seems okay living life his way
And sometimes I wish I could be more like him.

Munay Ki

Munay-Ki is the ancient shamanic system now presented to the West by Alberto Villoldo, following his long contact with the Laika tribe in Peru.

Receiving the nine rites of Munay Ki proved to be so healing for me, and it has enabled me to shed damaging past scripts.

If you are ready to be renewed and become the powerful luminous being you were born to be, I cannot recommend Munay-Ki highly enough. Working with it can hold us to your best future, to your best identity. You can rise above your personal and ancestral limiting scripts and patterns. Munay Ki brings a move from toxic communication to heart-centeredness. It can be called the way of fire. It is the way of the peaceful warrior, the hero, the dreamer, the earth keeper: a path of beauty and compassion.

For more details see: and contact Maggie Pashley.


Enlightenment Meditation 

The unconscious brings to us what it thinks we deserve. If our view of ourselves is small, limited, and miserly—due to accumulated guilt—then the unconscious will bring those economic conditions into our life. Our attitudes about money can be discovered when we look at the many things that it means. For example, we see the degree to which it stands for security, power, glamour, sexual attraction, successful competition, self-worth, and our value to others and the world.

It is very useful to sit down with pencil and paper and, under the heading “Money,” begin to delineate what its real meanings are in all the various avenues of life. Then, write down the feelings that are associated with each area and begin to surrender on each negative feeling and attitude. As we do this, we have the surprising discovery that money in and of itself is not the most basic issue. More important than money itself are the emotional gratifications that we hope will be ours with the use of that money.

Contemplation and meditation with Helen Hamilton at Earth Centre Driglington, or in your home on line:



 By Michael Conneely

The Seeress prophesied at the beginning of time that the Gods of Asgard will not survive the final battle; the Nine Worlds are heading to destruction; beauty and order will fail. As the forces of chaos and darkness gather, Declan and Magda, two young people who have never even seen each other before, suddenly find themselves seized by Odin. He takes them from their own world to work together to save the magic of the Runes and create a new future for the gods. Caught up in the end of the worlds, they choose love, courage and even cunning, and they themselves undergo the awesome magic tests where Odin first won his great powers. But can the prophecy of the Seeress be averted? Can a new world be created? And what will be their place in it? ‘Heimdall has sounded the Gjallarhorn. The forces of chaos are invading Asgard,’ Magda said urgently.

–       Available from Amazon as Paperbook or Kindle

February 2015: Astrology Forecast from Michael Conneely

The Full Moon is on 3rd February at 23.08hrs at 14 Leo

The New Moon is on 18th February at 23.47 hrs at 29 Aquarius

Mercury went Retrograde on 21st January at 17 Aquarius. Mercury Retrograde periods bring all sorts of challenges in posts, communications, documents control, computer procedures and so forth. This is with the divine intention of making us sort out our organisation and logistics. Mercury turns direct on 11th February at 1 Aquarius, but what Vedic Astrology knows is that the Mercury retrograde effects don’t actually end until Mercury regains its pre-retrogradation position, which is on 3rd March. Sort out your administration!

Aries and Capricorn: The biggest/heaviest energy in the heavens is felt by impulsive Aries and cautious Capricorn. The continuing Uranus – Pluto square is formed with Uranus at 14 Aries and Pluto at 14 Capricorn. This means deep and sudden driven transformation for those with Sun or other planets in the middle of Aries or Capricorn. It is especially big for the Aries end of the square as Ketu the South Node of the Moon is there too, to bring sudden karmic changes that are wired, difficult, totally life-changing and sudden. This energy gets really heavy by end March when there’s an eclipse on 20th March, especially for people with Sun or Moon etc in Aries.

Pisceans will experience the romantic idealistic energy of the Venus-Neptune conjunction at 6 Pisces, and this will be felt especially strongly by Virgoans too who receive the opposition. They may develop in new spiritual dimensions and feel very romantic (or confused) in love.

Jupiter is Retrograde all month which has the effect of helping us all take stock of our belief structures and our attempts at expansion. We may need to re-asses our teachers and consolidate.

Chiron the Wounded Healer. Chiron is at 15 Pisces, so Pisceans with planets at 15 deg Pisces, or those with planets at around 15 Virgo will have opportunities to experience their woundedness and find healing. If you have Venus in the middle of Virgo for example, this can mean an opportunity for real healing in love.

In Vedic Astrology, the movement of Saturn over the Moon in your birth chart is a crucially important energy to understand. Vedic astrology calls this ‘Sade Sate’ and likens it to going down into a pit as Saturn approached the positon of your birth Moon, with quite a lot of things in your life dying at this time and big moves and separations – and then rising up out of the pit again. People with their birth Moon from about 23 Scorpio to 24 Capricorn really need to understand how this phenomenon affects them, and what its purpose is in their lives.

The position of the Moon in the Heavens affects our minds and emotions more than we realise. We could feel irritable and not so stable around 7th to 13th February to as the Moon passes first of all conjunct the North Node (Rahu) and then moves on to conjunct Saturn, and again from 20th to 22nd February to as the Moon passes conjunct Mars and the South Node (Ketu). We are called to realise that we are not the workings of our minds nor the feeling of our emotions at this time. Instead we are called to give a higher perception on this nitty-gritty level of thoughts and emotions, perceiving them from a higher point of awareness developed by meditation and maturity.

Astrology Readings: See my astrology readings website: to find out about my astrology readings.

Here is a summary of the Planets’ Positions through February 2015:

Sun moves from 12 Aquarius, enters Pisces on Feb 19th and moves to 9 Pisces
Mercury moves from 7 to 13 Aquarius and is Retrograde until 13th February.
Venus moves from 6 Pisces to 9 Aries
Mars moves from 15 Pisces to 6 Aries
Jupiter moves from 18 to 14 Leo and is retrograde all month.
Saturn moves from 3 to 4 Sagittarius
Uranus moves from 13 to 14 Aries
Neptune moves from 6 to 7 Pisces
Pluto is at 14 Capricorn
North Node (Rahu) moves from 13 to 11 Libra
South Node (Ketu) moves from 13 to 11 Aries
Chiron moves from 15 to 17 Pisces

Chiron the Wounded Healer

Chiron is the wounded healer in your birth chart. Where Chiron appears you have an existential wound, but in the healing of that wound you can become the healer of others.

For example, ‘Chiron conjunct Jupiter’ in the birth chart, is the person who may go in for ungrounded expansion and hurt others, or be overcome by the glamour of false healers or glitzy readers. But with diligence and through the grace of God and the help of others, and by learning from their mistakes, such a person may come to be able to help others find their needed expansion – and he or she can do this, because of all the errors, follies and false methods that that person has gone through themselves.

Shadow Chiron is the wounder or the victim.

The position of Chiron in the horoscope shows us where our instinctual nature is wounded.

Chiron, discovered in 1977, is a planetoid following an elliptical orbit round the Sun between the orbits of those ancient enemies: Saturn and Uranus (restriction and revolution). Its orbital period is 49 to 51 years.

To analyse Chiron’s effect, look at your birth chart and read Chiron’s Sign, House and Aspecting planets to Chiron

There’s an odd fact that a vastly high number of people who come to me have the aspect in their birth chart: Chiron opposition Uranus: a wound from impatience and often the mother having experienced spasmodic energies when she was carrying them in her womb. The healing of this wound is often meditation, body energy work or vision work.
In more detail, to show you how Chiron analysis works, I often find this person had a mother who was under intermittent anxiety during the pregnancy or early infancy. With the mother, periods of calm were unexpectedly shattered by sudden anxiety (perhaps when the father came into the room, or a sibling, or perhaps there were homelessness pressures, whatever). This instills in the child a need to heal periodic fragmenting anxiety so that peace can be found. It provides a dangerous addiction to excitement, de-stabilizing anxiety or addiction to melt-down to bring in the new. At root, it dishonours phenomena and fails to give value to what it. It is a wound that needs to be healed. When you heal it, you can heal others.

Chiron – Uranus often highlights desire for freedom from restraints, e.g. making sudden changes in relationships or careers, love of new ideas,  new ways of living, or love of the unusual or the bizarre – all these can be on principle, with the risk it’s damaging. There’s a desire to break limitations and stand out in a crowd. These people can be intolerant of others’ ideas, or blissfully unaware of their own contradictions: and therefore hypocritical. They can be brilliant original thinkers, iconoclastic and challenging: clear perceptions. They can be detached, humanitarian, compassionate; sensitive to collective/unconscious issues – but must accept realistic limits and structures or remain ungrounded. Nothing is sacred: indiscriminate rebellion. Energy follows thought. At its best, Chiron-Uranus is a gift for giving birth to the new without indiscriminate rejection of the old, and without devaluing things or hurting people.

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Michael Conneely’s Astrology


By Michael Conneely

The Rebirth of the Sun: The Winter Solstice is on 21st December 2014 at 22.55hrs. This is the shortest day when the old Sun finally dies and the tiny new Sun is born out of the Mother of all Nights. This day was of great significance to our ancient ancestors as most of the stone circles are aligned to Sunrise on this day. So this is an inwards time focusing on our homes and families and letting the seeds lie fallow in the ground. But the Sun begins its upward climb. The new energies of spring are soon shooting through the Earth by the time of the first festival of 2015: Imbolc, on February 2nd. The ancient union of Sun and Earth to produce life.

There’s a Full Moon on Monday 5th January at 04.53hrs. It is an intense time of driven transformation for Capricorn’s, especially those with birthdays between Christmas Day and January 10th because the Sun of this Full Moon is at 14 Capricorn, and it is conjunct intense, driven Pluto. Cautious Capricorns are being called upon to really enlarge their lives now.

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