asma 001Asma can you tell me about yourself? I’m twenty-nine and work as a part-time Sales Assistant.  I’m of Pakistani origin but I’m a British born Muslim.

What’s it like being a British Asian woman in our society? Everyone’s different and there are different sects. A lot of Muslim girls get judged by non-Muslims who think they are all the same – but they’re not. People always class Muslims as terrorists – even women – but it’s not the truth as Islam teaches us about respect, love, care and peace – Muslims are not all terrorists like those we see on the news.

Do you think the extremists are Muslims? No. They use the name of Islam when they’re really being political – it’s NOTHING to do with Islam and the Holy Book teaches politeness and respect NOT killing, shooting and stabbing etc. I do think there are Asians who do bad things like drug dealing and gangs which give the wrong impression about Muslims. People choose what they want to do but some are influenced by bad outside influences and consequently make bad choices like not working and drug dealing.

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