An interview with a Royal Mail Postman From The Horse’s Mouth


Can you talk a bit about yourself? I’m forty-four, and have been a postman for ten years. I’m engaged to Jess and we hope to get married next year. We have two five year old girls called Jennah and Leah.

What’s it like working for the royal mail? It’s a mixture of good and bad; it’s a fairly stable job as long as you don’t get sacked. The day splits into two halves: sorting out your round indoors and then going out to deliver it – so it’s a good thing that it’s varied. We work six days a week for three weeks and then have a week off which is quite good.

Has your job changed since privatisation? They’re getting stricter and they want more for their money whereas before there was more overtime – they now give almost no overtime whatsoever.

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