Stories about Diet and Health required for competition

Horse's mouthStories about Diet and Health Wanted

Are you a budding writer who has a story to share about your Dietary considerations or about your health  and would like to see your story published? For example I currently have a friend who is living on mineral water and no food for three weeks in an attempt to cure his tinnitus.

The story can be about your own dietary experiences or health problems that you have overcome or the dietary experiences of someone you know.

My magazine is running a creative writing short story competition. The short story must be up to 2,500 words, in English and reach me by email by the 30th of November. You can view the magazine at: and email me your story at:

The first prize is £100, the second £50 and the third £25.

Have a look at the magazine which specializes in Healing issues, therapies, therapists and Centers, as well as spiritual pathways and astrology – and also general features of interest from recipes to fascinating stories about ordinary people, which I love to hear about: – and you can see back issues as well.


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