from-the-horses-mouthINTERVIEW WITH DR. ALWEENA AWAN

Can you tell me a bit about yourself? Initially, I trained to be a P.E. teacher in England and that’s why I’m so interested in physical literacy and movement. Unfortunately I broke my neck and back in a car accident and therefore couldn’t teach P.E. anymore.

I then went to teach in a primary school and noticed that there were some children struggling to learn and socialise who had things like challenging behaviour. I did a lot of PE with them and always found that they read very well in my class.

After 23 years of teaching I ended up doing a P.H.D. on movement and sound therapy to see if the PE was having an effect on their learning. After 15 years of pain, I had a kinesiology session that reduced my pain by about 70%. Consequently, at the same time as I was doing my P.H.D., I started to learn kinesiology and my son was diagnosed as borderline Attention Deficit – so what I was learning fitted in with helping him and I was able to use sound therapy and movement to integrate his reflexes. My research showed that one of the underlying causes preventing children assessing information was primitive reflexes not being integrated and poor auditory processing. These were the underlying issues as to why the children were not able to access the education. So once I had learnt all about this, I started running my own centre (the Child Centre) in Keighley, in the north of England.

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