from-the-horses-mouthINTERVIEW WITH JON PEARSON

How would you describe yourself? I’m a single parent who lives with his eighteen year old son in the centre of Hebden Bridge. I derive my income mostly from psychotherapy – for over twenty years I’ve been a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. I’m also a supervisor and trainer. I run a therapy practice from home as a psychotherapist.  Before this in the Nineties, I earned a crust as a mental health nurse.

How did you get into psychotherapy? It was a natural progression as I’ve always been interested in altered states of consciousness and mysticism – it goes back to my mid-teens when I discovered the Qabalah and Tarot and started to investigate western mystic tradition – and then I discovered girls!! All that went out of the window although I did practise meditation back then.

Where did you travel? I travelled all around Europe and was originally going to travel overland to India but my father fell seriously ill. So I came back and did some voluntary work in Cardiff and looked after my dad for a while. After that I ended up in York as an occupational therapist student. Whilst there, I had a series of deep unitive experiences; the distinction between myself and the environment vanished. It blew my mind and I left the course and went to live in a commune for six years, supporting myself selling newspapers on racecourses and working for the local council.

What kind of commune was it? It was a loose aggregation and was in York – very cheap and cheerful living. During this time I was called into a library and Richard Hittlemans Yoga In 28 Days dropped on my foot!  There and then, I commenced two hours of practice a day. I felt as if I was coming home and in the thirty-two years that followed this experience, I have been a yoga practitioner.

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