from-the-horses-mouthScorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov

A policeman may stop and ask you some unwelcome questions but just humour him as he probably needs to feel important. If your doctor prescribes you anti-depressants be sure to take them and don’t worry what other people think.

Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec

Sometime this month a friend will stab you in the back so be prepared for this eventuality. Someone will offer you something nice so don’t be slow in coming forward to accept it. A new sports bra may be a good investment.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan

It is a good time to expand your horizons and look to develop your individuality. The clown at work may have the last laugh so be careful who you side with. This month eat more prunes.

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb

A bookworm may reveal herself to be a very attractive bird when you see her at a social event. Be careful what you put in your mouth this month as it may leave a nasty taste. A good time to take up ballroom dancing.

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from-the-horses-mouthLETTERS PAGE

Dear Editor

Do any of your readers share my view that too many cafes have become too expensive? I have stopped buying coffees for myself in cafes as I just don’t think they are worth the money – especially if you take it black. Surely it’s better to buy cheaper drinks in a café and make your own ‘proper’ coffee when you get home?

Peter Dawson, Leeds.

Dear Editor

I live in England and would like to say that it’s ridiculous that rich people get the Winter Fuel Allowance and can use the buses free after 9 30am. Something needs to be done but how can we cheaply and fairly means-test older people so such waste is avoided?

Sarah White, Todmorden.

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from-the-horses-mouthHOW TO DEAL WITH BUREAUCRACY

Written by Cathy Bryant

I was sitting in the library reading a favourite horror story (‘Vivia’ by Tanith Lee) when I felt something cool brush against my leg. It is a tribute to my love of libraries that I didn’t scream. Instead I made a small, respectable noise like a muffled cough, and looked down to confront the terrifying spectre.

It was a white cat, mostly moggy but with a hint of Persian and the insouciance of a god, weaving its way through chair legs and rubbing them with its cheek glands in the wonderfully civilised dance of feline ownership.

I observed the standard ‘O let me love you, Great One’ rituals: I slow-blinked, made gentle kissy noises, held out a hand and talked nonsense. The cat condescended to let me stroke it and rub its chin for a while, and then padded off unhurriedly about its business, like a man with a semi-regular arrangement to meet an old friend at a café.

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The week started well, the weather slightly windy was mild and dry for November. However, as the week went on it got colder and wetter.  Come the day; Friday 13th November (luckily I’m not superstitious!) I woke up to a cold, windy and rainy day.

It was only 8:30am; some 12 hours before I was due to report for Sleep under the Stars event. An event organised to raise awareness of homelessness and fundraise for SmartMove; a local charity. However, I was already thinking whose idea was this! Then my thoughts turned to gratitude.  I thanked God for everything I have. As I was travelling from Bradford to Halifax; this included a car that was keeping me dry, warm and transporting me a significant distance with little effort on my part.

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from-the-horses-mouthLET’S NOW TALK TO CHEF PAUL HANNAM

Paul, can you tell me a bit about yourself? Yes. I’m Head Chef at The Moorings in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. I’ve been a chef for most of my life – all of my life really.

So you’ve only ever been a chef? Most of the time I’ve been a chef but I have also owned my own bars and restaurants.

Where were they? In Manchester, Todmorden and Hebden Bridge.

Where were you brought up as you’re half-Maltese aren’t you? My dad was Maltese and my mother was English. I was born in England (my mother didn’t want to have me in Malta as the hospitals at that time weren’t very good) but as soon as I was about three weeks old we went back to Malta and I lived there until I was sixteen.

Why did you leave Malta? My mum and dad got divorced and my mum moved back to England. Initially, I stopped in Malta with my dad but I used to visit my mum who had a pub at that time – she used to serve food there and I used to help her in the kitchen with the cooking.

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Calderdale Rising An Update

Calderdale Rising An Update

Emails and tweets have been sent regarding Calderdale Rising, there are now just over 26 hours to fund the campaign and there are still some great rewards available on the Crowdfunding page.
The logo has turned pink for Valentines day on the 14th, if you click it below then you will be taken to the Crowdfunding page for the campaign

Calderdale Risng Happy Valentines

Calderdale Risng Happy Valentines

The message below was sent by Kirsty McGregor who has been ardently campaigning for the 103 businesses affected for free.

Many, many thanks to you if you have supported the campaign, promoted it and shared it amongst your friends and family. There was a party on twitter tonight amongst many of the businesses, followed by facebook, texts emails and, no doubt, a large ‘real’ party in due course! They, along with many other volunteers, have worked very hard to build this campaign into this success, with days to spare!

This campaign has meant so much to these businesses, knowing they are supported. Emails and messages I’ve received tonight from some of our businesses say that they had been thinking of winding up, giving up, and walking away from their business, but this campaign and the positivity surrounding it, gave them the motivation to carry on and rebuild. And no amount of money can create that energy – it was the spirit that this campaign and this community gave them back.

So on behalf of all 103 businesses, their owners, their employees, their customers, their suppliers and the whole community – thank you! We need these businesses to remain on our high streets, in our industrial estates and scattered throughout this valley. And as the constant rain brings worries again tonight, this will only be the start of a long road back for some of them.

And onwards and upwards!

The target has been raised – because we like a challenge! And we have beautiful gifts still to sell. So we will keep the page open until Friday 12th at 12.30pm. Anything we raise from now on will be guaranteed. Please do continue to share and join in our celebrations.