from-the-horses-mouthWORLD WAR BRIDE

Written by Jodie Bedford

My eyes full of tears, I wrapped my arms around my beloved husband.  My fingers snaked around his neck.  I just wanted to memorize and drink in his beautifully handsome face.  This was just so unfair.  I glanced at our only son, Bill, who was sat on his blanket trying to figure out why he couldn’t fit the square wooden piece into the round hole.  My dear boy, thankfully, was oblivious.


With one last kiss on my nose, he walked down the path, vowing to write every day.   That was it.  He was gone and I was left alone to, how could I describe it, grieve, for my husband.  I scooped Bill up and laid him gently on our bed.  Curled up and crying silently into his neck, I wondered how was I ever going to cope and muster up the strength to carry on?  I quickly decided that I would live day by day, letter by letter.

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