from-the-horses-mouthSophia, can you tell me a bit about yourself? I am a mother and have a beautiful little boy called Roman who’s just two. I’m currently living in Rossendale in Lancashire and I have a practice at a clinic there called Sunnyside Clinic. However, I’m moving over to Hebden Bridge soon where there are lots of other therapists and holistic practitioners.

So have the floods affected the work I understand you already do in Hebden? No, I have delayed working there until February, being sensitive to the situation and having just launched my practice here. However, Bodyworks @ Organic House is fortunately unaffected by the flooding – the focus has been to get things back to normal so it made sense to delay plans.

So what kind of therapist are you? I’m a Shamanic Healer and I use a number of other ancient practices. I have trained in Kundalini meditation and yoga and I’m a Reiki master, NLP practitioner and nutritionist. Currently I am specialising in Paleo Nutrition and ancient approach to diet and wellbeing. I heal the heart, mind and soul.

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