robin fishwick.jpgROBIN FISHWICK TALKS A BIT ABOUT HIS WORK AND LIFE (photograph by Maria Alzamora)

Robin, can you tell me a bit about yourself?  I was born in Uttoxeter, a small market town in Staffordshire. My family moved to Chesterfield just before my 7th birthday and I came to Leeds in1978 to study Social Policy and Administration at the University. I stuck here ever since. I got involved with the University Folk Society through friends in the late 1980’s where I got to know Matthew McIntyre. He and I were housemates when we were asked to collaborate with Mel Richardson – the late Melvis Paisley- in a production of Beowulf and there I met Sarah Reardon who was playing harp. She was considerably younger than I was and I tried to give her plenty of time to realise her mistake, but she didn’t and 7 years later in 1999 we married. We now have two daughters Rosa (12) and Grace (10) and live in “LILAC” a straw bale co-housing scheme in Bramley, Leeds.

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