August 2016 Issue

From the Horse’s Mouth August 2016 Issue is Out NOW

More great content from Dean Charlton, the August 2016 issue was published yesterday and you can read it now

Much has happened since the last issue and this issue features:

  • The Much Praised Fun Star Signs
  • An Interview with The Real Junk Food Project Calderdale.
  • SPACE CONTINUED Written by Michael Blackburn
  • and so much more, read the August 2016 issue Now


We are developing an indexing system at From The Horse’s Mouth and would be interested in any feedback, itr’s a work in progress so may not be 100% accurate.
You can see the Contents page of From The Horse’s Mouth here

From the Horse’s Mouth has been in print now for over a year and our following is growing, we have started some FREE ADVERTISING for 2016 and to read about this please check out this page

That’s all from us for today, if you need any details or wish to submit any content then simply email Dean with your copy and he will endeavour to publish it when he can.

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