Louise, can you say a bit about yourself? I’m forty-six. I’m married to Victor and have three children – Mathew twenty-two, Charlotte fifteen and Sebastian who is thirteen. I was born and bred in Halifax and have always lived in Halifax. I originally come from the Holmfield area of Halifax and now live in Skircoat Green.

How long have you had your café and how did you come to own it? I bought it on the 25th of this year and it came about because I was a regular customer when the then owners asked me if I was interested in buying the café. I went home and had a talk with my husband and we decided we would like to buy it – the rest is history!

Did you always want to have your own business? Yes, I’ve always wanted to work for myself but was not quite sure in what line. I have however, always been interested in catering and this opportunity just came out of the blue.

How did you know you would be able to make a success of this business when you had never run a café before? Well I’ve done various jobs in the past and thought sometimes you just have to take a risk and see if it works out. I like a challenge!

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