The Disney Princesses Ranked By Betchiness

As all of us understand, the world is an actual ball of flames, however there are some things that still matter. Particularly, the betchiness of a few of our preferred Disney princesses. Now, by virtue of being princesses, all the Disney women are relatively betchy, however here is our ranking of the most, and least, of them all. It is due to the fact that they are middle of the roadway betchy and I do not have the time for it if your preferred princess is missing out on. If youre upset, advise yourself that Donald Trump is actually going to be president and there is other shit to fret about registered nurse.


Ariel is the betchiest of the princesses for a variety of factors. For one, she is 16, which is the 2nd betchiest age after 21. She begins shit off strong by both showing up late for the shell-based, all-mermaid choir that she is apart of (good extracurriculars, Ar); and being the youngest and most popular of her siblings. She then continues the betchiness by being a little shit to her papa, who she describes solely as Daaaaaadddyyyyy and ignores all his recommendations in favor of cooling in her huge space loaded with shit she does not require and pursuing a hot abundant man that she saw onceand thats actually like, the very first 5 minutes of the motion picture. Ariel is then able to snag stated guy (who is too worried to kiss her btw) without needing to state shit, and vanquishes some wack-ass brunette while doing so. Ariel is a mermaid and just uses a bra. Case. Closed.

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