American Muslims trump hate with love, raising $173k for San Bernardino victims in 6 days.

After the awful terrorist attack in San Bernardino, there was a great deal of talk.

Talk about all sorts of things from individuals sending out “prayers and ideas” (and individuals questioning if that sufficed) to arguments on weapons (and disputes about disputes on weapons) to governmental prospects promoting anti-Muslim rhetoric (and others slamming stated rhetoric). It appears social networks has actually ended up being an endless pit of individuals discussing each other.

As essential as it is that we speak about the best ways to avoid other attacks like the one in San Bernardino, and ways to avoid individuals from purchasing weapons without background checks, which we question how something like this occurred in the very first location, there’s another discussion that has to occur. And that’s the concern of who assists and how do we assist the households of the survivors and victims choose the pieces of their lives back up in the wake of such life-altering catastrophe.

Just one day after the shooting in San Bernardino, a group of Muslim Americans chose to have that discussion.

California-based neurologist and president of MiNDS Network Faisal Qazi together with Tarek El-Messidi, creator of CelebrateMercy , chose they would attempt to raise cash to help with the instant requirements of the victims’ households.

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Qazi and El-Messidi developed Muslims United for San Bernardino and began with an objective of raising $50,000.

Aaaaaand since this writing, they’ve raised more than $173,000 from over 1,400 donors.

With 20 days left in the project, the numbers keep growing, and it’s so heartfelt to see. More than 15 Muslim groups have actually backed the effort up until now, and with nearly 3 weeks delegated fundraise, who understands exactly what that ending quantity will be … besides substantial.

It ‘d be an exceptional contribution from any group, however it is particularly substantial originating from Muslim Americans.

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That isn’t really to state that Muslim Americans have an obligation to show they aren’t terrorists or to protect their religious beliefs anymore than Christians ought to need to in the wake of terrorist attacks performed by extremist Christians.

When the leading Republican governmental prospect can state, Bar all Muslims pertaining to America and understand he can get more assistance for it is genuinely frightening,” Ibrahim Hooper, representative for the Council for American-Islamic Relations, informed USA Today .

But in between the Paris attacks, the mass shooting in San Bernardino, and politically driven Islamophobia being pressed by governmental prospects in the United States, physical and spoken attacks on Muslims are on the increase . A project like this assists those who purchase into anti-Muslim rhetoric see that Muslim Americans are as patriotic and caring as Americans of other religious beliefs.

” This united American Muslim project intends to recover our faith from extremists by reacting to wicked with excellent, by restoring exactly what they damage,” El- Messidi stated in a news release. ” We want to react to wicked with excellent, as our faith advises us, and send out an effective message of empathy through action.”

100% of the funds they raise will go to the households of the San Bernardino victims.

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The funds will be paid out through San Bernardino County and United Way to help victims’ households with funeral service costs and other requirements, inning accordance with the Los Angeles Times

No quantity of cash can revive the liked ones lost. It can, at least, assist raise some of the psychological and monetary problems in the wake of such a terrible disaster, and that’s exactly what they’re attempting to do.

When terrorist attacks occur, it’s simple to succumb to sensations fear and department. When we are unified together, this project reveals that we will constantly be more powerful.

You do not need to share the exact same beliefs or religious beliefs to share the very same worths as another person. As Qazi states:.

“We are hoping in this time of crises, those who are Muslim and those who are not will be familiar with each other. Discussion is the only method to clean up this state of confusion and stress.”.

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He’s so. And it’s a message we ought to all take with us any place we go.

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