About Dean Charlton

Hello. This is “From the Horses’s Mouth”..

Are you interested in spiritual and health issues and getting your ideas published?

Dean Charlton has started this e magazine called: From The Horse’s Mouth and you can find it on this website: www.deancharltonmag.com . My hope is that it will create space for expression for me and also for anyone who wishes to contribute an article.

This free magazine first existed over twenty years ago under the title “From The Horse’s Mouth”. Now Dean wants to bring it back to life in a digital format and with a new name DEAN CHARLTON MAG

In each edition of the magazine there will be a few recurring themes but I am hoping that, with your help, we will be able to create a magazine that is ever evolving. Anything that is not offensive is welcome.
Please send to:deancharltonmag@gmail.com

Dean is a fifty year old man, who has been ill for most of his adult life. He suffers from bi-polar, OCD and in the past has been in intensive care because of pneumonia and he has successfully beaten a cancer called Hodgkin’s disease. He also had a drink problem but Dean has not had a drink for nearly seventeen years !!

Although Dean is not well enough to work for a living, he is aware of how much other people have done for him, and continue to do for him, so he would like to try and put something back into society by producing this magazine.


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