Bill Clinton Mouthed ‘That’s My Girl’ During Hillary’s Speech And We’re Crying

Ive been sobbing on and off all day, and Bill Clinton simply made me shed another tear.

It wasnt a tear of dissatisfaction or stress and anxiety. It was a tear of affection towards Bill Clintons tremendous love for his other half, Hillary .

Billhas waited Hillarysside from the minute she started going to be the very first female president of the United States. Their child, Chelsea, revealed consistent assistance for her mom throughout her project.

Last night, after Donald Trump became our president-elect, the Clintons were shocked. the country was shocked .

On Wednesday early morning, Hillary Clinton provided her concession speech at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan and youd much better think Bill was right by her side.

During Hillarysspeech, Bill Clintonmouthed, Thats my lady.

We all lost it.

Oopsie! Up to 30 Democrats should resign for meeting with Russian diplomats in 2015

<aYou need to make fun of the Democrats and their feigned and computed outrage over a senator from the Armed Services Committee conference with the ambassador of Russia; naturally that senator is AG Sessions however seriously, this is their huge freakout. Forget that Sessions did not consult with the ambassador concerning Trump's project (that was exactly what he was asked folks), however considering that he simply MET with him, Democrats desire him to resign. Instantly.

So does that indicate these 30 Democrats should resign also?

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