Obama’s Charlottesville tweet makes history

Barack Obama, you are missed out on.
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After a “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned fatal on Saturday, previous president Barack Obama connected on Twitter to comfort Americans.

While President Trump was quiet on the platform , choosing not to attend to the violent clash in between hate groups and protesters for hours, Obama shared an effective message through a Nelson Mandela quote about hate and the possible to enjoy.

The very first of Obama’s 3 tweets has actually given that ended up being the 3rd most-liked tweet in history at the time of composing this post, according to Esquire.

The tweet, which included a picture of Obama peering at children through a window, started the quote: “No one is born disliking another individual due to the fact that of the colour of his skin or his background or his religious beliefs …”

It rapidly generated over 2 million likes and 970,000 retweets, nearing other record-setting tweets like Ellen’s well-known Oscars selfie , which got in outstanding 2,418,912 likes back in 2014 and Ariana Grande’s 2017 tweet to fans after the lethal Manchester battle attacks happened at one of her shows. Grande’s psychological tweet presently holds the leading area on Twitter with 2,703,092 likes.

After his tweet, Obama then went on to complete the quote, composing “‘People need to discover how to dislike, and if they can discover how to dislike, they can be taught to enjoy. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.’ – Nelson Mandela.”

Obama was greatly applauded for speaking out in wake of the terrible occasions that occurred in Charlottesville, particularly because Trump appeared unwilling to resolve the rally. Trump was slammed by significant political and cultural figures consisting of Chelsea Clinton and J.K. Rowling.

Eventually, he condemned violence “on numerous sides,” however didn’t clearly call out white supremacists.

Then, on Monday afternoon — 2 days after the truth — Trump offered an unscripted statement to journalism, while looking deeply into his teleprompter.

After extoling the present strength of the economy, the president openly resolved those at fault for the violence, condemning the racist actions of members of the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists.

Obama’s message simply goes to reveal that quality of tweets is better than amount … keep in mind, Trump.

On Tuesday afternoon a representative from Twitter notified Mashable that Obama’s tweet had actually ended up being the 2nd most liked tweet of perpetuity and the 5th most retweeted. At 2,509,888 likes Obama’s Mandela quote bumped Ellen’s selfie to 3rd most liked tweet.

On Tuesday night at roughly 10:07 p.m. ET, Obama’s tweet catapulted to the top of the Twitter totem, setting a brand-new all-time record. The tweet netted an outstanding 2,705,809 likes (and increasing) at the time of composing .

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The Gambia bans female genital mutilation

President Yahya Jammeh hooligans practice that impacts three-quarters of females in west African nation

The Gambia has actually revealed it will prohibit female genital mutilation (FGM) after the Guardian released a worldwide project to end the practice.

The president, Yahya Jammeh, stated last night that the questionable surgical intervention would be banned. He stated the restriction would enter result instantly, though it was unclear when the federal government would prepare legislation to impose it.

FGM includes cutting female genitalia typically when women are young to eliminate their labia and clitoris, which typically results in long-lasting health problems, consisting of bleeding, infections, vaginal discomfort and infertility. More than 130 million ladies worldwide undergo the treatment in Africa and the Middle East.

The practice is prevalent in lots of African nations, consisting of the Gambia, where 76% of women have actually gone through it. The age at which FGM happens in the Gambia is not tape-recorded, however it is reported that the pattern of practicing FGM on infant ladies is increasing . By the age of 14, 56% of female kids in the nation have actually had the treatment.

Kibaaro News , I have actually never ever become aware of anybody who passed away as an outcome of female genital mutilation (FGM)… If you understand exactly what FGM indicates, you understand that we do not practice that here. We do not mutilate our kids.

reports have actually revealed that public assistance for the practice has actually dropped in current years amongst females throughout any age groups.

Support for the extension of the practice is greatest amongst the nations wealthiest ladies and differs considerably in various ethnic neighborhoods, with 84% of Mandinka ladies supporting the extension of FGM compared to 12% of Wolof females.

This year FGM was prohibited in Nigeria, which signed up with 18 other African nations that have actually forbidden the practice, consisting of Central African Republic, Egypt and South Africa.

Somalia, which has the greatest occurrence of FGM worldwide, has actually suggested it wants to end the practice, with a spokesperson for the ministry for womens affairs stating it was dedicated to make this take place in spite of substantial resistance in the nation. Presently, 98% of ladies aged in between 4 and 11 go through FGM in Somalia.

The Guardian released a significant project to end FGM all over the world in 2014, with the assistance of the project petition site, Change.org.

The Guardian Global Media project works carefully with regional activists in the Gambia, Kenya and Nigeria to assist them offer education and awareness on the problem and intend to broaden the project to Sierra Leone, Senegal and Uganda next year.

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‘Church of Lyintology’: Conservatives JOYOUSLY mock Hillary’s newfound ‘religion’ on #HillaryChurches

<aHillary Clinton has actually chosen to let the world understand that she's spiritual. Think the entire sweet granny roaming in the woods concept backfired, so she's attempting this brand-new thing where she may be a pastor. No, we're not making that up. Pastor Hillary do not take a look at us, we simply work here.

Luckily Conservative Twitter assisted a little with the problems of imagining Hillary in charge of a church of any sort with the hashtag, #HillaryChurches. Here are a few of the very best:

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