Marilyn Mansons Shocking Trump Video

The well-known glam rocker’s newest video, for ‘SAY10,’ includes him desolating a male who looks a dreadful lot like Donald Trump. See an extremely NSFW clip from the video here. “>

As an artist my responsibility is to ask the concerns. The audience needs to address them.

That is how Marilyn Manson , ever the provocateur, explains the extremely graphic brand-new video for SAY10, the title track off his upcoming 10th studio album, due at some point this year. The video, directed and conceived by Tyler Shields, portrays a besuited Manson seated on his throne in a caliginous, smoky space. Money is the paupers loan, he sings, prior to removing pages of a Bible, and, in a lightning-fast montage: beheading a blonde guy in a dark match and red power tie who looks like Donald Trump.

You can view the NSFW clip here:

While the bloodied, small-handed remains definitely looks like Trump, and the act of beheading possibly a commentary of sorts on the Republican governmental prospects mindset towards Islamist extremists, Manson, speaking on the eve of the election, states that the work is open to differing analyses.

Either method tomorrow goes, the visuals are suggested to produce reflection. He states due to the fact that its undoubtedly larger than simply tomorrow. Its about the desperate acts of individuals who think something that is preached by an unbeliever.

Right now remained in such a state of confusion when it concerns religious beliefs, politics, sexuality, and how they all loop, and its being become a sideshowand and a circus thats something that Ive been referred to as a ringleader of, Manson continues. It appears like a time for me as an artist, and as an American artist, to make something that triggers a brand-new set of concerns to emerge that aren’t just declarations.

Manson has actually had a notoriously controversial relationship with the American rightone that started when conservative outlets like Fox News irresponsibly connected him to the 1999 Columbine massacre, (wrongly) declaring his music influenced the shooters, and culminating in an on-air face-off where the greatly makeuped shock rocker completely ashamed Bill OReilly. As far as his political obligations go, Manson informed me previously this year that he will not be casting a vote in the upcoming election, choosing not to select in between feline shit and pet dog shit.

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Short Story Competition – FTHM Autumn 2017

Short Story Competition – FTHM Autumn 2017

A NEW Short Story Competition

For the month of October 2017 there is a new short story Competition at From The Horse’s Mouth, full details of this short story competition are here:

Closing date for entries is Midnight GMT 31/10/2017, Halloweeen.
So get your ghoul suits on and start writing, what about a good ghost story, or a chilling tale from Chesapeake ?

Short Story Competition Prizes:

1st Prize – £100 (GBP)
2nd Prize – £50 (GBP)
3rd Prize – £25 (GBP)

To stay in the loop with us then please follow From The Horse’s Mouth on Facebook and join our email list.

Many thanks

Dean and Robert

Game Of Thrones Recap: Who Run The World? GIRLS

If youre sitting at work reading this today, I simply wish to personally praise you for having the ability to make it into the workplace after viewing last nights episode of. It took me twenty minutes of silence prior to I might even consider moving from my sofa, not to mention continuing with adult life. If anybody attempts to talk with me about the NBA finals today Im simply going to shout SANSA STARK over and over up until they leave.

Truthfully, this wrap-up might be about 4 sentences long if we were going to simply break down the standard plot points for you. Everybody understands exactly what took place because regard. How it occurred, and more significantly, how we all felt while it was occurring, might fill a whole book.

Real video footage of me throughout the whole of the episode, from formerly on to the credits:

Im going to put The Battle of the Bastards down as one of the best episodes in history, not even if of the deeply rewarding death of Ramsey or the bittersweet success at Winterfell, however since it was potentially the very first time that weve ever seen blanket woman triumphes throughout the board. The amazing fight series didnt injured however.

No matter what occurs next week *, we will always remember the uninhibited delight all of us felt when Sansa lastly got her redemption. I will likewise most likely always remember that I cheered with all my body and soul while a pet dog duped a males jaw then continued to consume him alive. Thats exactly what this program does to you.

Lets come down to the death, damage and chaos that left all of us feeling blissful for hours after the credits rolled.


In other episode, what decreased in Meereen would have been show-stopping product. It might have been eclipsed by the occasions of Bastard Bowl, however that does not make the retaking of Meereen any less badass of a series than it was. My sexual preference may be enjoying Danaerys smash the patriarchy on the back of Drogon while Tyrion provides quippy dangers listed below her. Ill make certain to upgrade all my dating app bios appropriately.

The opening scene in between Dany and Tyrion most likely looked familiar if youve ever saw a teen attempt to confirm his shitty grades to a peaceful and really stern moms and dad. Shes not upset, simply dissatisfied.

Tyrion: City spirits has actually truly enhanced while youve been gone.
* fire bombs sound off in the range *
Tyrion: Really believe were making strides here.

In some way Tyrions worried rambling works, due to the fact that Dany chooses its time to act instead of discipline her little council. She is calm and gathered in a crisis, something that some individuals on this program * COUGH * JON FUCKING SNOW * COUGH * might gain from.

Tyrion: So whats the strategy now?
Danaerys: Death and damage.
Tyrion: Yeah so I understand that Im partly to blame for this scenario however I have some guidance here.

Somebody on this program has the balls to inform Dany exactly what the web has actually been whispering about her for weeks: her fondness for no grace retaliation is strangely reminiscent of the Mad King.

Tyrion: Your daddy wanted to burn whole cities to the ground if it implied triumph.
Danaerys: I am absolutely nothing like my dad.
* Five minutes previously *
Danaerys: I will burn whole cities to the ground if it implies success.

While she does not always take the criticism well, she plainly does take it to heart, which is a huge minute for Danaerys character advancement. Her fire (both actually and metaphorically) is a substantial part of the factor shes such an unstoppable force, however it might extremely quickly likewise be her death. This is why these 2 make such a deadly mix. With Tyrions assistance, Danys enthusiasm ends up being less of a roving wild fire and more of a structured weapon the similarity which Meereen, and possible even Westeros, has actually never ever seen. Together, they develop a lot more reliable prepare for the fight at hand.

Outside the Great Pyramid, Danaerys and her little council consult with the 3 slavers from Tyrions settlement. The masters threaten to offer the Unsullied and Missandei back into slavery after scolding Dany for her conceit, which is hilariously paradoxical considering exactly what takes place next.

Slavers: Your reign is over.
Danaerys: My reign has actually simply started.


A glutton for drama, Drogon actually drops into of the middle of the settlement conference and frightens the shit from everybody prior to Danaerys gets on his back. Accompanied by the other 2 dragons, who extremely quickly broke out of their jail, they ride off into the bay, just to begin lighting ships on fire. Listed below, the Dothraki, led by our sweet prince Daario, trip into town and desolated the Sons of the Harpy. My heart swells at the ruthless violence.

Back up on top of the Great Pyramid, Grey Worm provides the opponent soldiers 2 alternatives: combat and remain for males who would not defend them, or GTFO. This concept is a repeating style this episode, and lets simply state that it does not exercise so well the next time it shows up.

After their warriors peace the fuck out, the slavers view in scary as Grey Worm provides a really various option: among you need to pass away as a message to the rest. 2 of them toss the 3rd under the bus, declaring his low birth makes him not worthy. You believe they would have captured on by now that this is not the path to take with individuals who appeared to eliminate slavery, however whatever.

Grey Worm reacts by lowering the 2 traitors and after that lets Tyrion walk as much as the survivor to do exactly what he does finest: talk shit.

Tyrion: You have actually been spared by the Mother of Dragons so that you can go house and spread our message.
Slaver: Which is exactly what?
Tyrion: You come at the Queen, you finest not fucking miss out on.

Adrenaline is currently at an all-time high and we have not even gotten to Bastard Bowl. My Fitbit points will be off the charts.

After the fight has actually been won we are enhanced with a lot more girl power scenes. Theon and Yara have actually gotten here in Mereen, since their fleet is plainly comprised totally of jet boats. You understand whos not thrilled to see Theon? Tyrion, who appears to hold animosities more difficult than my mom. The last time the 2 saw each other, Theon was much mouthier and still in belongings of a penis. Strange how those 2 things go together.

Everyone who makes a dwarf jokes believes that theyre the very first individual to ever make a dwarf joke. As somebody who cant present themselves without a multitude of horrendously exhausted Olsen twin commens, I relate to this battle on a spiritual level.

Theon and Yara make their pitch: their assistance and their ships in exchange for sovereignty of the Iron Islands. Danaerys presumes that Theon desires her assistance for his claim to the throne, and he really rapidly guarantees her that Yara is a lot more deserving.

Danaerys: Whats incorrect with you?
Theon: Oh male, what does it cost? time do you have?

From this minute onward Tyrions objections are entirely neglected, not since hes doing not have a legitimate argument, however since nobody can hear him over popular sexual stress in between Yara and Danaerys. After a great deal of eye fucking and a fast bonding sesh of their jointly shitty daddies, Danaerys creates her terms.

She will offer Yara the Iron Islands and support her guideline versus Euron, however the Ironborn need to stop their rape-y pirate shenanigans. Im truthfully angered by for how long it took Yara to mull that a person over, however she concurs in the end, soon after suggesting that shed 100% bang Dany if their alliance depended on it. Because, or simply. Theyre most likely currently connecting.

Bastard Bowl

I do not believe I have the capability to put this whole fight into words, mainly since it would simply be 10 pages of incoherent shouting with periodic bouts of tears. There were 3 different times that I was persuaded Jon will pass away, even as I stated aloud theres no fucking method Jon passes away once again. Tormunds numerous brushes with death had me concealing my face in my hands. Wun-Wun put the whole fucking group on his back and suffered the supreme rate for it. Absolutely nothing, really absolutely nothing, prepared me us the death of Rickon.

We start the day prior to the fight where we see Jon, Sansa, and their leaders riding into a conference with Ramsey and his males. Things are tense, to state the least.

Jon: You actually do not need to be here.
Sansa: Yeah, however none of you are going to inform Ramsey to draw a cock, so I in fact do need to be here.

If Jon simply gives up now and kneels prior to him, ramsey opens by using them all amnesty. The whole worlds response to that deal can be encapsulated by Lady Mormonts almighty stank face. 3 seconds on screen and she takes the whole program.

Rather than combat a fight that will lead to the death of countless males, Jon provides Ramsey a chance for individually battle. To nobodys amaze, Ramsey turns this down instantly and continues to tease Jon for attempting to leave fight. Jon, a guy of couple of words, claps the fuck back.

Jon: Will your males wish to defend you when they hear you wouldnt even defend them?
Jon: Hey people that was an excellent one.
Jon: Remember this extremely cool minute later on when I royally screw up.

Ramsey then turns his focus on Sansa, who is no complete stranger to his verbose speeches about abuse. Instead of amuse a minute of his psychosis she shuts him down with a cold You will pass away tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well, prior to riding away without even recalling. Be still my heart. Nobody truly wishes to follow that efficiency, so the rest of Team Stark sits by looking entirely unamused as Ramsey ominously explains how starving is pet dogs are. Howd that wind up exercising for you, bud?

Back at camp, spirits is marvelously low throughout the last method session. Its got the very same ambiance as those last hours of an all-nighter prior to a last, when youre 100% conscious that youre going to continue however stop working to looking at your flashcards in defeat anyways. Other than, you understand, this time with the guarantee of an extremely uncomfortable death towering above the space.

Due to the fact that she definitely is, Sansa appears pissed throughout the entire conference and it turns out thats. Nobody has actually asked her input on this whole fight, in spite of the reality that she is the just one in the space who comprehends Ramseys intentions. It just takes 30 seconds of communicating with Jon and his pouty face to understand that hes the sort of man who lets his feelings get the very best of him. Ramsey has no feelings, and therefore utilizes other individuals to control them into their own death. Sansa understands how this will go. Jon does not.

They as soon as again argue about fighting so unprepared, however this time Jon provides Sansa a possibility to come up with a strategy. He in fact asks her exactly what she would do, and she still does not spill about Little Finger and the Vale army. She has likewise currently accepted that Rickon is going to pass away, which appears like a 180 turn-around from a couple episodes ago when she demanded conserving him at all expenses.

This is simply among lots of pointers throughout the episode that Sansa is not the materialistic princess of season one, and she hasn’t been for a long period of time.

Jon heads over to Melisandres camping tent to inform her that, under no situations is he to be recharged this time. She lets him understand that its not up to him, which shell do whatever the Lord of Light quotes her to do. I understand Ive yapped of shit about this fire religious beliefs throughout the years, however its the just one on this program to have actually produced any outcomes so far. Perhaps, simply perhaps, Melisandre is onto something here. Jon was revived for a factor, and I question that factor was to pass away 2 months later on. A minimum of, thats exactly what I kept whispering to myself throughout the totality of the fight.

Outdoors, we get an unusual shot of Davos and Tormund bonding over their shared love for Jon Snow. It was as close as anything in Winterfell got to light-hearted, that is, up until Davos finds Shireens pyre while out on a walk to clear his head. Tip: Davos enjoyed Shireen, and had no concept what her real fate was last season. You can wager that Melisandre is going to spend for this however initially, everybody has a quite crucial fight to address.

To be reasonable, the 2nd Ramsey set Rickon complimentary on the property of playing a video game, all of us understood exactly what was going to occur. That didnt stop me from yelling like an anguished kid when that arrow struck him, since nobody taught this kid to fucking zig zag in circumstances like these. In case the preliminary sting wasnt enough, let this GIF haunt you for the remainder of the day.

They were.

It should be great that everybody in Westeros has 20/20 vision that enables them to peer throughout huge battlegrounds and see in severe information. I wouldnt have the ability to recognize my sibling running for his life from fifty lawns away, not to mention 5 hundred, and we have not even invested the last 7 years apart.

Similar to Sansa forecasted, Ramsey utilized Jons honor and feeling to entice him into a trap. What follows is bar none the very best war scene this program has actually ever had, and most likely a much better one than a lot of films. Im going to view it as soon as a week for the rest of my life, simply to keep me modest. I wont do it the injustice of attempting to explain each private interaction for you, mainly due to the fact that nobody would wish to check out that. As soon as upon a time, simply enjoy it and weep for the individuals who in fact had to battle like this.

To state things got bleak would be a large understatement, that made the arrival of Sansa, Littlefinger, and the Vale army even more victorious. Would their involvement from the start have made a distinction, or was it the aspect of surprise that let them be available in and damaged the Boltons forces? Idk, Im not a military strategist. I am, nevertheless, a specialist at determining scary older males with ulterior intentions, and I am currently upset about whatever it is that Baelish is going to require in the ending as payment for his services.

While the Vale tidies up Jons mess on the battleground, the all-star team of Jon, Tormund and Wun-Wun make their method for Winterfell, followed carefully by Sansa and Petyr. Ramsey cant even complete his sentence about a siege prior to everybodies preferred giant comes busting through evictions with supports behind him. This brave act served to be his last, and Wun-Wun decreases after a last arrow through the eye from Ramsey. As if Jon wasnt currently mad enough.

Ramsey: So Id prefer to take you up on that deal of individually fight.


Watching Jon beat the ever-loving shit from Ramsey was pleasing, however not almost as pleasing as enjoying Sansa end up the task. Secured the bowels of Winterfell, connected to a chair and covered in blood, Ramsey is still more positive than I am on the very best of days. It actually appeared like he believed hed be leaving there alive, till his starving, starving hounds cominged in.

Sansa: Your words will vanish.
Sansa: Your home will vanish.
Sansa: Your name will vanish.
Sansa: All memory of you will vanish.


I forgive this program for each traumatizing and dreadful minute theyve put me through, due to the fact that it was all worth it to obtain to the point where we got to see Ramsey be ripped to pieces by his own pet dogs as Sansa left smirking. I will sleep in harmony for the rest of my life with that image in my head.

See you all next week, when no doubt scary and anguish will eclipse and shred of pleasure we felt today. Take this time to obtain your affairs in order, and perhaps demand next Monday off simply to be safe.

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I Document Intimate Moments Of Couples In Love

I’ m Bucharest-based professional photographer Natalia Mindru. I record the raw, unabashed love in between couples in a series entitled Iubiri Urbane (equated, it indicates Urban Love Stories). This is my ode to taken kisses, concealed, and unmentioned words shared in between fans in a city that hardly ever stalls sufficient to see. I’ ve constantly seemed like love and love were actually crucial to me.

Before coming to a couple’ s house, I understand almost absolutely nothing about my topics. The only previous interaction is through social networks and, as an outcome, I approach each session without presumptions or expectations. In this method, Iubiri Urbane provides a fresh expedition of love in its lots of types: tender, other and in some cases lively times untidy, however it constantly portrays the natural tourist attraction in between 2 individuals.

I am not aiming to encourage anyone to be a part of my job. Couples must feel they wish to do this, to be comfy and unwinded with my existence. When an image session began, it takes normally 2 hours, throughout which we have a beverage, talk, and be familiar with much better each other. Typically my topics even put on’ t recognize that their photos were being taken. I understand that joy for everyone is a switch that can be snapped in our brain. I’ m like a switcher for couples. More couples informed me that they feel the procedure of photographing as a couple treatment, it makes recognize things that they perhaps sanctuary’ t understood prior to about themselves. Most likely since they must be genuine, they share their sensations, vulnerabilities worldwide they are opening up.

I began this Project one year ago being really enthusiastic. My goal was to reveal that love is for everyone, love does not judge and accepts any colour, faith, sex orientation. The Idea of variety is essential and taking a trip through various nations might assist me to attain this function. Hence, this year I’ m enjoyed take a trip and photo couples in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Hungary, UK, Netherlands, Portugal. I’ m open for other brand-new location.

In November-December very first volume of Love Stories is going to be launched.

I wish to motivate couples in love to message me. Together we are going to develop a great deal of unbelievable images.