Virginia governor to white nationalists: ‘Go home … shame on you’

Charlottesville, Virginia (CNN)One individual was eliminated and 19 were injured when a speeding cars and truck knocked into a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, where a “Unite the Right” rally of white nationalist and other conservative groups had actually been set up to happen, the city tweeted on its confirmed account.

A 32-year-old lady was eliminated while strolling throughout the street, Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas stated. Authorities were still in the procedure of informing her household.
Two Virginia State Patrol cannon fodders were eliminated in a helicopter crash while “helping public security resources with the continuous scenario in Charlottesville,” the company stated in a press release. The pilot, Lt. H. Jay Cullen, 48, and Trooper Berke M.M. Bates, who would have turned 41 on Sunday, passed away in the crash .
      Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe had a pointed message for the conservative groups that gathered to Charlottesville on Saturday: “Go house. … You are not desired in this fantastic commonwealth. Pity on you.”
      In addition to the one death and 19 injuries in the car-ramming occurrence, the city stated there were at least 15 other injuries connected with the arranged rally.

      Federal authorities stated a civil liberties examination into the fatal crash was opened hours after it took place.
      Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated U.S. Attorney Rick Mountcastle is leading the examination and has the complete assistance of the Deparment of Justice.
      “The violence and deaths in Charlottesville strike at the heart of American law and justice. When such actions occur from racial bigotry and hatred, they betray our core worths and can not be endured,” Sessions stated in a declaration. “Justice will dominate.”
      “The FBI will gather all readily available truths and proof, and as this is a continuous examination we are unable to comment even more at this time,” stated a declaration from the Richmond, Virginia FBI field workplace.
      “I am sad that a life has actually been lost here. I advise all individuals of excellent will– go house,” Mayor Mike Signer composed on Twitter.
      Virginia’s guv had earlier stated an emergency situation, and authorities worked to distribute numerous protesters in the college town after clashes broke out ahead of the rally’s set up twelve noon ET start.
      Fistfights and shrieking matches emerged Saturday, hardly 12 hours after a scuffle Friday night at the close-by University of Virginia in between torch-bearing demonstrators and counterprotesters.
      Saturday’s rally was the current occasion drawing white nationalists and conservative activists from throughout the nation to this Democratic-voting town– an advancement sped up by the city’s choice to eliminate signs of its Confederate past.

      Here are the current advancements:
      The suspect being kept in a Virginia prison in connection with a fatal crash near a set up rally of white nationalists has actually been determined as James Alex Fields Jr. , 20, of Maumee, Ohio, inning accordance with Superintendent Martin Kumer with the Albermarle-Charlottesville County Regional Jail. Fields is being hung on suspicion of second-degree murder, destructive wounding and failure to drop in a mishap that led to death.
      Fields’ mom, Samantha Bloom, informed the Toledo Blade , a CNN affiliate, that he informed her recently he was going to an “alt-right” rally, however she didn’t get associated with his political views. “I informed him to be mindful … if they are going to rally, to make sure he is doing it in harmony,” she informed the paper. CNN’s effort to reach Bloom were not successful.
      Angela Taylor, a spokesperson for the University of Virginia Medical Center, stated there were 5 clients from the crash in important condition, 4 in major condition, 6 in reasonable condition and 4 in great condition.
      Video of the event reveals a gray Dodge Challenger driving rapidly down a narrow backstreet lined with strolling protesters. The cars rams into the back of a silver convertible, which strikes the van in front of it. Quickly the Dodge motorist knocks the cars and truck in reverse, returning up the street at a high rate of speed, dragging its front bumper. A number of individuals chase after the vehicle. As the cars retreats, a white and red athletic shoe falls off the bumper.
      Another video reveals a minimum of someone being tossed over the back of the cars and truck onto the roofing of the silver convertible then moving down onto the hood.
      Witness Chris Mahony stated he and a good friend, who shot among the videos, were strolling down the street when he saw the gray automobile on the other side of the street.
      “It simply sat there, looking down the roadway,” he stated. “I believed that’s a bit unusual. There didn’t appear to be other cars and trucks stopping him from going. And after that a couple minutes we heard a vehicle going exceptionally quick down the roadway and after that it raked into the crowd.”
      Three other individuals were detained Saturday, Virginia State Police stated. 2 of the guys were from state. Among the out-of-state males deals with a charge of bring a hidden pistol and the other is charged disorderly conduct. A Virginia male was apprehended on suspicion of attack and battery.
      President Donald Trump informed press reporters: “We are carefully following the dreadful occasions unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia. We condemn in the greatest possible terms this outright display screen of hatred, bigotry and violence on lots of sides, on lots of sides. It has actually been going on for a long period of time in our nation– not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It has actually been going on for a long, very long time. It has no location in America.”
      Former President Barack Obama, pricing quote Nelson Mandela, composed on Twitter: “No one is born disliking another individual since of the color of his skin or his background or his faith. Individuals need to discover how to dislike, and if they can discover how to dislike, they can be taught to enjoy. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”
      Sen. Ted Cruz gotten in touch with the United States Justice Department “to instantly prosecute and examine today’s monstrous act of domestic terrorism.” In a publishing on Facebook , Cruz stated it was “heartbreaking and awful to see hatred and bigotry as soon as again mar our excellent country with bloodshed.” Cruz called the white supremacists “wicked and repulsive.”

      Police started to separate crowds quickly prior to midday, after city authorities stated the collecting an “illegal assembly.”
      Some protesters fired pepper spray at other demonstrators, state cops stated.
      Gov. McAuliffe stated a state of emergency situation “to assist state action to violence,” inning accordance with a post on his Twitter account .
      Police in riot equipment stood shoulder to carry behind guards early Saturday afternoon, sometimes advancing towards crowds, CNN video programs.
      By 1 p.m. ET, cops had actually cleared the park where the rally was to be held.
      It wasn’t right away clear what caused the battles, though stress and rhetoric were running hot. At one point, a couple of lots white males using helmets and holding makeshift guards shouted, “Blood and soil!” Later on, another group shouted mottos such as, “Nazi residue off our streets!”

      People punched and kicked each other throughout numerous scuffles, which typically were separated from within crowds, without cops intervention, CNN video programs.
      Police existence was heavy, with more than 1,000 officers anticipated to be released, city authorities stated. Authorities expected the rally would bring in as lots of as 2,000 to 6,000 individuals, and the Southern Poverty Law Center stated it might be the “biggest hate-gathering of its kind in years in the United States.”

      White nationalists wield torches

      Charlottesville, when the home of Thomas Jefferson, is called a progressive city of about 47,000 individuals. Throughout in 2015’s governmental election, 80% of its citizens picked Hillary Clinton.
      But reactionary activists and Ku Klux Klan members have actually come here in current months, outraged by the city’s objective to get rid of traces of its connect to the Confederacy– consisting of strategies to get rid of a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.
      The effort established amidst a push by neighborhoods throughout the South to get rid of Confederate iconography from public home considering that the 2015 rampage killings of 9 black worshipers in Charleston , South Carolina, by a self-described white supremacist.
      Ahead of Saturday’s prepared rally, stress roiled Friday night as white nationalists– some holding exactly what seemed yard tiki-style torches– marched onto the University of Virginia’s school.

      Chanting, “Blood and soil” and “You will not change us,” the group rallied around a statue of Thomas Jefferson prior to they encountered counterprotesters, CNN affiliate WWBT reported . When cops got here and stated the collecting an illegal assembly, the group left the university’s premises.
      City and UVA authorities condemned Friday’s march.
      “In my 47 years of association with @UVA, this was the most nauseating thing I’ve ever seen. We require an exorcism on the Lawn,” Larry Sabato, director of the university’s Center for Politics, tweeted.
      Signer, the Charlottesville mayor, launched a declaration describing Friday’s rally as a “afraid parade of hatred, bigotry, intolerance, and bigotry march down the yards of the designer of our Bill of Rights.”
      “Everyone has a right under the First Amendment to reveal their viewpoint peaceably, so here’s mine: not just as the Mayor of Charlottesville, however as a UVA professor and alumnus, I am beyond revolted by this despicable and unauthorized display screen of visual intimidation on a college school,” he included.
      Friday’s march occurred quickly after a federal judge gave a short-term injunction permitting conservative activists to hold Saturday’s rally.
      City authorities had actually aimed to “customize” the rally’s authorization to move the presentation from the park with the Lee statue more than a mile away to McIntire Park, pointing out security issues.

      ‘We’re going to begin defending our history’

      In February, the city board voted to get rid of the Lee statue, however that is on hold pending lawsuits. The council likewise voted to relabel 2 city parks that had actually been called for Confederate generals; among those, Emancipation Park, was because of be the website of Saturday’s rally.
      Jason Kessler, who arranged Saturday’s “Unite the Right” rally, stated he does not consider himself to be a white nationalist. He stated, “we’re going to begin standing up for our history.”
      “The statue itself is symbolic of a great deal of bigger concerns. The main 3 concerns are protecting history versus this censorship and revisionism– this political accuracy,” he informed CNN Friday.
      “The 2nd problem is being permitted to promote for your interests as a white individual, much like other groups are permitted to promote for their interests politically. This is about complimentary speech. We are merely aiming to reveal ourselves and do a presentation, and the city government has actually aimed to shut us down.”

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    A priest, rabbi and atheist smoke weed together and things get deep

    Smoking marijuana can open your mind, in addition to your stomach.

    Cut Video is popular on the web for its weed videos. Thanks to the excellent state of Washington, the production business can lawfully produce videos of various individuals smoking pot together, and their interactions, responses and discussions that follow under its results.

    This time, Cut Video gatheringed a priest, rabbi and atheist to strike a bong and speak about religious beliefs.

    Let’s simply state that things get quite deep.

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    Nearly half of Americans didn’t vote not even for Harambe

    A Democratic Party advocate, using a U.S. stripes and stars head headscarf, responds as she views election outcomes can be found in at the Democrats Abroad election night celebration at Marylebone Sports Bar and Grill, London, U.K., on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016.
    Image: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg through Getty ImageS

    Donald Trump is the president-elect for the United States, and we’re still recently beginning to comprehend how he won.

    The stories are currently flying, however it’s crucial to take a look at the numbers. Based upon exit survey information and some early analysis of early turnout, something ends up being clear: Hillary Clinton underperformed amongst many essential populations compared with Barack Obama’s win over Mitt Romney.

    Oh, and a lot of individuals may have elected Harambe.


    Nearly half of qualified citizens (231,556,622 individuals) did not enact the 2016 governmental election, inning accordance with information of early turnout rates assembled by the United States Election Project and crunched by Josh Nelson . The complete outcomes might not be offered up until 2 weeks.

    The early information discovered that of the United States population:

    • 46.6% didn’t vote

    • 25.6% elected Hillary Clinton

    • 25.5% chose Donald Trump

    • 1.7% chose Gary Johnson

    It wasn’t the most affordable turnout in history. About 49 percent of qualified citizens did not take part in the 1996 election, where Democratic prospect Bill Clinton beat Republican prospect Bob Dole.

    For the swing states, tallied by Jason Andrews :

    • 36.5% didn’t vote

    • 29.9% chose Clinton

    • 30.9% chose Trump

    • 1.9% voted Johnson

    As for how that compares traditionally, Republicans were down somewhat. Democrats, nevertheless, cannot appear.

    As to the absence of involvement in ballot, it might not have actually run out laziness or contempt. Tuesday was the very first election given that the 2013 Supreme Court judgment versus the Voting Rights Act. The modifications included brand-new citizen recognition requirements.

    For example, in some states, citizens need to provide an image ID. Numerous ballot websites and places were closed or altered.

    The popular vote

    The most current survey numbers likewise show that Clinton might have simply hardly ejected a win in the popular vote. An approximated 25.6 percent of qualified citizens called Clinton while 25.5 percent elected Trump.

    When you narrow the numbers to those who did vote, Clinton had 48 percent (59,580,545 votes) compared with 47 percent (59,341,558 votes) for Trump, inning accordance with the Associated Press.

    Third-party prospects

    Libertarian Party prospect Gary Johnson and Green Party prospect Jill Stein didnt make a lot of votes total (and neither made any electoral votes), however in crucial battlefield states, such as Florida, their integrated third-party votes began to build up.

    Throughout the nation, in the popular vote together they took 4 percent of citizens more than 4 million choose Johnson and simply more than 1.2 million for Stein.

    In Florida , Johnson caught 2 percent of the vote, or 206,007 votes. Integrated with Stein that was approximately 270,00 third-party votes in a state where Trump won by just about 120,000 votes.

    New Hampshire, which after a tight back-and-forth wound up going to Clinton with a distinction of about 1,400 votes, likewise saw strong assistance for the Libertarian Party with 30,000 votes.

    New Mexico, where Johnson was a long time guv, was the state that provided one of the most assistance for the Libertarian prospect. Johnson made 9 percent of the vote in the state that went to Clinton.

    Utah bucked all patterns and came out strong for independent prospect Evan McMullin. The three-way race made the regularly Republican state less of a safe bet. McMullin generated 20 percent of the vote , which was really near Clintons 28 percent, though in the end Trump won Utah.


    Race and Gender

    For all the speak about minorities pressing Clinton to triumph, it was white individuals that put Trump over the top.

    The chart listed below programs the plain split in between who supported Trump and who supported Clinton. It is significant that Clinton did not win the latino vote by as much as some had actually anticipated. Clinton likewise underperformed in the majority of these groups compared with Obama.

    The information listed below from CNN based upon exit surveys:

    Comparing Trump’s efficiency with minority citizens versus the GOP prospect in 2012, Mitt Romney, we see that Trump exceeded him, in spite of Trump’s speeches and commentary thought about offending towards both the Latino and black neighborhoods.


    Clinton won the youth vote , however once again, not by as much as Barack Obama did versus Mitt Romney.

    Trump didn’t fare especially much better, with numbers up until now equivalent to Romney or John McCain.

    Still, Clinton’s weak point in a group that leaned greatly towards her highlights exactly what seems a broader turnout issue that might have cost her the election.


    Sarah Huckabee, a senior advisor to Trump, stated that he had frustrating evangelical assistance.

    There had actually been some issue that Trump’s individual life, in specific accusations of sexual attack and marital extramarital relations, might injure him with this group.

    Sasha Lekach contributed reporting.

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    A Creationist Just Sued The Grand Canyon And Actually Got What He Wanted

    Back in May, we reported on something really strange however likewise completely befitting of the shitshow that is 2017: A creationist was trying to take legal action against the authorities handling the Grand Canyon due to the fact that they werent letting him go and gather samples.

    As a certified geoscientist who likewise takes place to think the world is less than 10,000 years of ages, we explained this rather curious guy, one Dr Andrew Snelling, as similar to a physicist that thinks about gravity to be mythological. The oxymoronic nature of his task title creationist geologist was the factor his research study application was initially turned down by the powers that be.

    Now, with a broken heart, we have an upgrade on this story. The National Park Service (NPS) has actually caved in to his demands to recover samples from the 1.84-billion-year-old Grand Canyon, and as an outcome, Snelling has actually dropped his claim.

    This is a rather weird success for Answers in Genesis a not-for-profit run by creationist museum creator Ken Ham and the hilariously entitled conservative legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. Their efforts to take legal action against the federal government were made under the auspices of spiritual discrimination, because Snelling wasnt permitted to perform research study since of his faith.

    Things are more complex than that. Academic research study is undoubtedly allowed the Grand Canyon, however as the website is among such enormous clinical significance, its restricted to a choose couple of academics who will utilize any samples considered major clinical research study.

    Snelling has actually lectured on numerous events about how the Bible is actually real and how the Grand Canyon is evidence that Noahs Ark and the Great Flood actually did take place. The specific inspirations behind his Grand Canyon job have actually never ever been clearly specified, its clear what hell be trying to utilize the samples to negate.

    Creationists are basically adverse these. frantic00/Shutterstock

    No clinical method will all of a sudden expose that the worlds geologists are unexpectedly incorrect which creationists were right the whole time. This indicates that he will be squandering these samples and harming among the most stunning and substantial natural marvels of the world for no great factor.

    This is believed to be why authorities at the NPS were not enabling him to perform his work that, and since allowing the sample collection would provide creationism an air of clinical authenticity, one that it most definitely does not should have.

    Their submission on this matter hasn’t been illuminated upon, however its most likely they were worried that individuals would implicate them of censorship if they adhered to their weapons. Whatever the factor, we now need to view a researcher conduct pseudoscience in the name of fundamentalist faith.

    [H/T: Phoenix New Times ]

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    Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter revealed Donald Trump what genuine winning appear like on Saturday night.

    The ex-presidents collected in College Station, Texas for an advantage show that was created to raise cash for One America Appeal’s continuous cyclone relief efforts . The show included a selection of rock and nation artists — consisting of an unadvertised look by Lady Gaga.