Illona, what is reflexology? Reflexology is a science and an art – of working on the reflexes on the hands and feet which affect other parts of the body to bring it to a state of balance. This means it can be used to bring relief from pain and improve functioning of that part of the body.

So it can help with things like headaches? It can help all sorts of things including headaches and back problems. A reflexology treatment would usually work on reflexes for the whole body covering the entire feet, so it’s a bit like giving the body a once over or an MOT. But you could also do a little bit for yourself on your own hands or feet for things like a bad attack of sinusitis or back pain or a headache if you knew where the reflexes were and the technique. I used to teach a class in self-help reflexology to empower people to take their health into their own hands. It can make SUCH a difference.

Would you do both the hands and feet in one session? Usually, reflexologists use the feet because the hands are a lot smaller than the feet – you’ve got a bigger surface area to use with the feet – people don’t realise that the hands and feet mirror the body so closely. Think of your foot: your toes represent your head; the balls of your feet represent the chest; the arch of the foot represents your torso and your digestive system; the heel is more the pelvic area while the outside of the feet reflect the arms and legs. In addition, the inside of the feet contain all the reflexes for the head. It is important to note that the right foot reflects the right side of the body while the left foot reflects the left side of the body with the inside of the feet reflecting the spine.

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Trust-in-GodWhen I accepted Jesus as my Lord and saviour I thought to myself no more troubles and tribulations. I have the creator of the universe living in inside of me and He directs and measures each and every step I take therefore nothing and no one will ever attack me again. How many of you know that I was deluding myself? The reality is when you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour all hell will break loose. The devil knows the significance of your decision and whilst you were in the world doing worldly things there was no need to attack and persecute you, but as soon as you took a stance to follow Jesus he unleashed all the power of hell to attack you.

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from-the-horses-mouthHello. The magazine is doing well but is always on the lookout for new original material – the beauty of the mag is that anyone can write in it as long as it is not racist or offensive. At the moment, I am promoting a short story competition with cash prizes and you can enter by sending your story of up to 2,500 words to deancharltonmag.com. It will be officially advertised in my August mag at: http://www.deancharltonmag.com

At the moment, I have a Nevisian lady staying with me and I intend to interview her about her perceptions of England and of a developed country. Her first impressions are very positive but she finds our hot weather cool and sometimes chilly!

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carineCarine, where do you come from originally? Groesbeek (near Nijmegen) in the Netherlands.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I’m 43 years old and have been in the UK for ten years; I like knitting, reading, walking and I have an interest in classic cars – I had a Hillman Super Minx from 1963.

Do you work in England? Yes, I’m a Signalman on the railway.

What are your impressions of England? I love England because people are relaxed here and like a laugh. I like the whole feeling of it.

Do you think you’ll spend the rest of your life in England? Yes. Absolutely.

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from-the-horses-mouthNOT VERY SERIOUS STARS

Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov

If you’re single, a marriage proposal may be heading your way. If you’re married, your marriage is about to enter a purple patch which you will enjoy immensely on a physical level.

Sagittarius 23 Nov – 21 Dec

This month the artistic side of your personality will come to the fore which will attract a whole new crowd of friends. A man with a briefcase will be the bearer of good news.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan

Someone you love may take up a dangerous sport but remember it is their decision and worrying about it is a waste of time and energy. Think about changing your partner if you are bored of them.

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb

July promises to be a good month for you so it might be worth buying a lottery ticket as the planets are all in your favour. Someone who is close to you may do something which leaves you gobsmacked.

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Relationship Talk From The Horse’s Mouth


Written by Davne A Silke

We have all got them in our lives.  We have expectations to have them and when we have them we have expectations of them! We crave them when we haven’t got the type we want or got enough of them yet when we have too many they are hard to manage.

Some you use, some use you.  Some you want and some you tolerate. Whatever your expectations of them you will have experienced ones you love and adore , some you can take or leave and others that drive you to distraction.  When they go well they’ll have you feel blessed and healthy but when they go wrong they can make you ill, break your heart and even cause your death.

Relationships!  They are the juice of our lives and are as normal as oxygen.

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