Meet Hans Schmidt: The Only Priest In History To Be Sentenced To Death

The Catholic church has actually not lacked debate in the last couple of years, however up until now there has actually just been one priest in the United States that has actually been performed for his criminal activities.

Hans Schmidt was not implicated of sleeping with kids, however he did unlawfully wed, and continued to extremely murder his enthusiast while she was pregnant with his kid. It appears preserving the impression of piety drove him to disobey among Christianity’s crucial Commandments.

Hans Schmidt was born in the Bavarian city of Aschaffenburg, and was ordained as a minister in either 1904 or 1906.

Disagreements with his superiors in the church led him to be re-located to St. John’ s Parish in Louisville, Kentucky.

Conflict with yet another priest required his transfer to St. Boniface Church in Manhattan.

This is where he satisfied a stunning Austrian maid called Anna Aumller. They rapidly started to have an affair in trick.

The 2 fell deeply in love, a lot so that Schmidt ordained his own marital relationship to Anna.

He understood complete well that if they were learnt, it would indicate completion of his priesthood.

Then, things got dark. He slit her throat with a blade when Schmidt discovered out that Anna was pregnant.

Then, the beast continued to saw her body into a number of pieces, getting rid of them in the East River. The autopsy later on discovered that Anna had actually too soon delivered right prior to she was killed.

When pieces of the body were discovered, they were traced back to Schmidt due to the fact that of the pillowcases they were covered in, which bore the letter “A” and had actually been purchased to the house Schmidt had actually leased for Anna.

When questioned by the investigator inside Schmidt’s blood soaked house, he quickly admitted. “ I liked her. Sacrifices ought to be consummated in blood.”

Hans Schmidt was founded guilty of first-degree murder and was carried out by electrical chair at Sing Prison on February 18, 1916

Further examinations resulted in the theory that Anna and her child might not have actually been Schmidt’s only murder.

A body of a 9-year-old woman was discovered underneath his old parish in Louisville, which was dismembered in a strangely comparable style as Anna. St. John’s janitor was at first founded guilty of the criminal activity, and had actually been serving a life sentence.

It was reported that Schmidt had a 2nd house which was utilized as a factory to fake cash.

Not just that, however is thought he was likewise in correspondence with a doctor. They were talking about a strategy to murder individuals and gather their insurance coverage (just like exactly what serial killer H. H. Holmes did ). Even back in Aschaffenburg, Schmidt had proof versus him in a different murder charge, however he was performed prior to he might be questioned.

It’s remarkable that such a horrible, ungodly guy would ever end up being a priest.

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