People Are Photoshopping Mr. Bean Into Things, And Its Absolutely Hilarious

Mr. Bean is probably one of the funniest faces of all time. I mean, the character barely talks yet still manages to make us laugh all the time. There are rumors that he may return, but we don’t know for sure. Until then, let’s enjoy some hilarious pics of him to brighten this dull Monday at work.

Below you’ll find a list of photoshopped pictures featuring Mr. Bean’s face. From Mr. Bean as the Gladiator to Mr. Bean as Superman – the pics are bound to make you laugh. Keep on scrolling to check them out and feel free to submit your own pics to the list!



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Couple Asks Internet To Photoshop Out Shirtless Guy From Engagement Photo, Regrets It Immediately

You would think that by now people wouldn’t ask the whole Internet for help with photoshopping. Yet they still do…

This time, a couple asked the Internet to photoshop a shirtless man out of their engagement pic. But the Internet did what they always do when they get a photoshop request… They hilariously trolled the couple and the results are absolutely hilarious! Keep on scrolling to check them out and feel free to add your own pics to the list.

If you enjoyed this article, also check out this photoshop troll who takes his photo requests too literally.

Update: we were contacted by a friend of this couple and turns out it was not an engagement photo. However, the couple is now getting married and want to invite the guy that ruined their pic to their wedding! If you know this guy please contact us!



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